About me

Dr. Tatyana Telnikoff MD (Med), RMANM

I am a qualified doctor with over fifteen years experience. I also studied homeopathy, acupuncture, mesotherapy, natural skin care products and successfully apply my knowledge and skill in the science of Integrated Medicine. I was educated as a medical doctor and continued my studies in the field of holistic medicine in Italy, Belgium and France.

I am a Member of the Association of Natural Medicine.

I do homeopathic mesotherapy and face-lift acupuncture.

I successfully treat problems such as smoking addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, eczema, obesity, stress, menopause and many other problems, which are not easily treatable by traditional methods.

During consultation, I establish through question and examination, the condition of my patients, including investigation into lifestyle, dietary habits, work and emotional state. I believe that only by this total knowledge of the patient can I devise an effective and lasting program of treatment.

I always recommend a treatment program, which includes advice on diet, supplements, lifestyle and the use of acupuncture and homeopathy.



Lymphatic drainage face massage
Organic face/body creams