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I have done my lips on the 10/12/16 at 11:30 , and I absolutely love it, Thank you. The service I got was professional, friendly and outstanding. I would highly recommend your company to everyone! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the first time I love my lips .

Munpreen Kaur

Thank you very much for my lips! They loo amazing! You are the best ever! Have a great Chrismas!xxx


I just want to thank you and Tatiana for my lovely lips. See you soon X

Lazy Z

I am 52 years old and Tatyana already treated my sinuses very successfully. Last year, I started to feel very uncomfortable with Menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats. I was very tired and irritable from  lack of sleep since weeks when Tatyana told me she could help.
She started to treat me with acupuncture and homeopathy and the change was immediate. I could sleep again and consequently recuperate. After a few weeks of treatment, the symptoms completely disappeared which is amazing.
Tatyana explained that she carefully monitors the treatment of each of her patient because we all react differently to it. From my experience, every Lady with Menopause symptoms should do this treatment.
PS : Ask Tatyana for my phone number if you would like to hear more about my experience.

Laoise (tel: 077 130-147-64)

I have suffered from eczema since childhood. Last year, due to an intense and stressful lifestyle, my problem worsened. All over the body I got itchy patches, my stomach became bloated and made me feel uncomfortable. All these conditions led to general unhappiness, depression…
I finally made an appointment with Dr Tatyana Telnikoff. I was very impressed by her approach. How very thorough she was – asked me lots of questions about my diet, lifestyle and my concern and problems. I had two courses of acupuncture. I was recommended a new diet and I took homeopathic tablets. In two months my skin problems cleared up, my stomach settled down.
I couldn’t believe what had happened. My life changed dramatically. I still follow Dr Tatyana’s recommendations! I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Telnikoff to anyone with health problems.

Mary-Anne Collins, Kent

My 18 months old son had eczema. He was crying, his skin was itching. I was trying all kinds of medication with only temporary success . I was referred to Dr. Telnikoff and she asked many questions about my pregnancy and my baby. Tiny homeopathic pills were prescribed. Gradually my son got better. In 2 months his skin was clean and he was restful. Since than I use only homeopathy for my children’s illnesses.

Peter and Tamara Mc Donald

We have known Dr. Tatyana Telnikoff for ten years now. All my family are great followers of her treatment. My three children have been using homeopathy since they were born and have been growing healthy and happy. My husband and I also have acupuncture 3-4 times a year. We are full of energy and we never complain of bad health.

Sandra Y.

Dr.Telnikoff is my number one practitioner. I have had numerous treatments from her, from skin concerns to general wellbeing, I have always had amazing results. I highly recommend her.

Mrs Anna Miller, Oxford

I never expected such an amazing effect on my skin in my sixties, I feel younger, happier and sexier.

Lady Sarah P., Chelsea, London

I noticed an improvement in my skin colour and tone and a reduction in cellulite after only two sessions. I will definitely continue this incomparable treatment.

Lady Sarah P., Chelsea, London

I noticed an improvement in my skin colour and tone and a reduction in cellulite after only two sessions. I will definitely continue this incomparable treatment.

Ms. Natasha Warren, City of London

My husband thinks he has a new wife. I lost weight, my cellulite disappeared, I can wear a bikini with confidence.


It’s always great to hear from my patients..from their kind permission. This is Sofia before and after using ACNE FORMULA GEL

Marsia Grahams, North London

Since I have been lying on the mat applicator for 30 minutes every day I feel calmer, and in a better mood and smoke half as much than I used to. I think I am on my way to giving up smoking forever.
I am very happy to have an applicator at home. All my family use it. My husband’s piles have gone. He has been applying it on the lower back and legs. I like putting my legs on it for foot massage and feel definitely better since I started.

Amanda Knights, Essex

I’ve been suffering from upper back problems for many years. I couldn’t sit or stand for more than a hour without starting to feel a dull pain in my back. I met Dr. Telnikoff and she recommended me to use the mat applicator. I have been using it for 2 months now, and I have forgotten about pain, I sleep better, I have more energy.

Kevin Twickenham

I am a builder and I’ve been smoking for 20 years 30-40 cigarettes a day. After 2 sessions with Dr Telnikoff I gave up! For the first 2 months I didn’t sleep very well and was very nervous without cigarettes. I’ve been taking homeopathy, and vitamins and supplements with acupuncture as a supportive therapy twice a month. It’s nine months since I had a smoke. I can’t believe that I managed to do it.

Elena and George tell 07984658603

My son George was growing up a very bright child but with frequent health problems – chest infections, coughs, sore throats. He was very anxious, shy with children and had a fear of water, thunderstorms and roundabouts. Constant antibiotics were prescribed by our GP but didn’t produce any lasting improvement.
My friend recommended seeing Dr Telnikoff and our life then took a dramatic turn for the better. Since then George started to take homeopathic treatment. The fear of water went after one session of homeopathy! My husband and I couldn’t believe the remarkable change in his condition. Very soon all infection disappeared, he also changed in his behaviour, becoming very communicative with children. Sometime later George developed an allergy to cats. And again we went to our doctor.

Nina Voloshovish

I never trusted alternative medicine until Dr. Telnikoff treated me with acupuncture for my terrible acute sinusitis. My nose stopped running in 20 minutes . Now I use homeopathy and acupuncture if something happens to my health.

Gregory Kushkan, 38 years old

I smoked 50 cigarettes a day. Only one session of acupuncture released me from my addiction to tobacco. I have been free from it 3½ years now. Call me if you have any doubts! There is my story.I was a smoker from the age of 20. I started with 5-6 cigarettes and got to 50, usual story. I was aware of the damages of smoking , my health suffered more and more. Coughing , shortness of breath… I didn’t play my favorite football, just sat watching it. Not question of running.
I’d heard about Dr Tatyana from my friend. Dr Tatyana asked me if I was ready, if I trusted her treatment, if I did I would have to agree to follow her recommendations. I was asked to write down my story. I didn’t have a choice. To do or not to do. A single session of acupuncture did change my life. I don’t want to smoke anymore. Besides even the smell of cig make me sick….
Hi guys, I am playing football twice a week now, with fitness sessions 4 times a week, running up to 7 km a week.
In addition I am saving £2,200.00 per year for my holiday! Not bad at all! My tell:07894221363

I have been a patient of Dr Tatyana Telnikoff for several years, she has treated me for various things with homeopathy,but my main treatment is Mesotherapy.My profession has been modeling & acting – so looking natural & real is a top priorityfor me.
I travel a lot and don’t always have time to do the recommended monthly treatment – however the way Dr Telnikoff treats me has long lasting effects – sometimes I may go three months or longer without a treatment but with long flights & different time zones my skin really stands up to all the stress!
My treatments ( from the very first) have always produced instantaneous results – you can really see the difference – my skin is lifted,the texture is fantastic. The treatment is fantastically light – but is certain to have your girlfriends looking & wondering ….I highly recommend this treatment to both men & women – for a little boost – this is IT!!!