Tatyana Telnikoff - homeopath, acupuncturist.Mesotherapy and face lift acupuncture. Central and West LondonHow does acupuncture work?

AC is an ancient Chinese system of medicine involving the stimulation of certain specific points on the body by insertion of very fine needles into the skin. According to Chinese medicine the needles enhance the flow of vital energy (Chi) along pathways called meridians. In the unhealthy body the flow of energy becomes blocked.
Acupuncture brings actual physical changes in the body. It releases the production of hormones calls endorphins and monoamines which work like painkillers and relaxants in the body. That is why acupuncture works for headaches, back pain, stress, depression, smoking, arthritis, PMS and many other conditions.
The method is painless. Acupuncture has been recommended by Western medicine and has been recommended by a House of Lords Committee to be made a part of NHS.

Acupuncture has a proven effect as an alternative to surgery on the face.

Hair-thin needles are inserted into the skin of the face along the wrinkles and into acupuncture points .

They stimulate of the blood flow in the skin and bring nutrition and to the cells. As a result acupuncture helps in the production of collagen fibres in the skin and stimulates tissue tone.

Acupuncture against smoking

Smoking leads to many diseases, including chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, stomach ulcers, arteriosclerosis.
Nicotine is a strong stimulant for the nervous system. Long- term smoking changes the physiology and hormonal balance of the body. But stopping smoking encourages an increased production of adrenaline. That, in turn leads to withdrawal symptoms:irritability, anxiety, lack of energy, changes in blood pressure, poor sleeping pattern.
Acupuncture is the most effective method of giving up smoking.

It avoids the withdrawal syndrome, eliminates the desire for cigarettes and also treats the problems associated with smoking: neurosis, headaches, chronic lung disease, sleeping problems.
During acupuncture sessions fine needles are inserted into particular points of the ear and body.
The anti-smoking program starts to have an effect on the relevant brain cells. The desire to smoke usually disappears after 2 to 3 sessions. To maintain the effects of the antismoke program it is recommended repeating 2-3- sessions over the first 3 months. Alcohol is not allowed during and for two weeks after treatment.