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T Telnikoff (MD) homeopathy, acupuncture

April 2020
Dear Friends

I’ve been asked so many times over the last month what to do to prevent
getting the Corona Virus.

I wanted to share with you my recommended vitamins for prevention and
strengthening your lungs and immune system in the next several posts and
inform you that I am available for general medical consultations by phone or
email. If you or your child become unwell and you need urgent advice or a
general consultation feel free to contact me.

Consultations by Phone/ WhatsApp or Email
T Telnikoff (MD) homeopathy, acupuncture Mob +44 7947073148

If you or your child become unwell you can contact me for a same day quick
advice or a full consultation by phone or email. I’m a qualified and experienced
medical doctor and have been practising alternative medicine for more than 20
years, and I’m here to answer your questions.

I have had many years’ of experience of treating children with both alternative
and traditional medicine. Skin rashes, digestive problems, colds and flus, flu
teething, dietary concerns and other common and unusual uncommon
problems you are struggling to find a traditional solution.

Homeopathy has more than 400 year’s history and was used to save lives
before antibiotics were discovered. Homeopathy can both cure and prevent
problems. It doesn’t have any side effects, can be used for babies, pregnant
women and the elderly.

I also would also recommend to strengthen your immune system with a
personalised supplement, vitamins and diet, recommendations, in order
to prevent diseases such as Corona Virus and other common contagious

The Corona Virus and the Covid 19 Virus specifically affects people with
weaker immune system, elderly and smokers lungs, which is why it is important
to take supplements a and vitamins in order to prevent the effect of the virus on
the body. For smokers wanting to stop smoking I recommend using a
developed method of my 20 years medical practice with acupuncture and

Treatment Packages

  • Advice or Mini Consultation by phone or WhatsApp – 20min £30.00 (inc tax)
  • Basic consultation £60.00 (inc tax) with initial questioner, in-depth telephone
    consultation lasting up 1 hour identifying the problem and presenting the tools
    and methods to solve the problems.
  • Health programme £200.00 (inc tax) . This includes an initial questioner,
    in-depth telephone consultation, a health program (including nutrition, tailored
    vitamins, medication and other medical recommendations) and a further follow
    up consultation.