Mat Applicator

A unique device based on ancient traditions of China and India. It deals with stress, relieves pain and inflammatory conditions, boosts immunity, revitalises sluggish skin and reduces cellulite.

The device is made from one or more rubber pads pierced with specially designed small tacks made from different metals: zinc, copper, iron, steel and silver. They produce galvanic currents in the body tissue and trigger a healing effect.

During Embryonic Development Genesis all nervous tissue and the epidermis of the skin are developed from the some type of tissue -Ectoderm.

It means that our skin has a strong connection with our brain.
In addition the dorsal root of each spinal nerve is connected to a specific region or segment of the body and supplies the sensory innervations corresponding to internal organs.
It is known as a dermatome.
There are 30 dermatomes, one for each spinal nerve.
That is why by stimulating the skin with massage, acupressure, acupuncture and even simple stroking we send a signal to the central nervous system and as feed back to our internal organs to help the regenerative process in many cases this can be very powerful for mental and physical ailments .

How does is work?

The varying range of the tacks not only produce galvanic current in the tissue but has an effect similar to that of acupuncture in that they stimulate particular areas of the body corresponding to internal organs effected by problems:

Skeletal-muscular diseases
Post-traumatic problems, scoliosis, post- fractural conditions , muscle and joint pain

The nervous system
Lumbago, neuralgia, migraine, post -stroke conditions, insomnia

Cardio-vascular conditions
Hypertonia, hypotonia, varicose veins, haemorrhoids

Respiratory conditions
Bronchitis, asthma, allergies, flu

Digestive problems
Gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome,

Women’s conditions
Menopause, painful periods

Cystitis, prostatitis

Skin problems
Neuro-dermatitis, eczema, cellulites, sluggish skin.

Endocrine problems

The applicator can help to deal with alcohol or tobacco addiction.

How to use it?

The applicator should be adjusted to the natural curves of the body with the help of a towel or small cushion. The length of use of the applicator varies from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the particular problem. You will experience temporary discomfort for usually no more than 5 minutes. After that a pleasant warmth, tingling and complete relaxation will follow. It is important to apply the device correctly in order to get the full benefit.
If you continue to feel discomfort after 5 minutes use the applicator the following day. To avoid skin damage don’t let the applicator slip .The device could be used as a course of treatment from 1 to 4 weeks daily or regularly 2-4 times a week to stimulate your own body resources.
The applicator is washable, but should be dried immediately. It can be used for the whole family and lasts for a long time.

Thank you for using the product. With best wishes for health and long life.
The price varies between £10.00 – £200.00 according to the model.