Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment for skin rejuvenation, hair loss, eczema, psoriasis post acne scars, arthritis, wound healing.

Why is there so much excitement about PRP? Because it’s a completely natural way to rejuvenate or heal your skin. Your own platelets and growth factors do the work!
PRP means your body can take advantage of the way platelets help to regenerate your skin.
What are platelets? Also called thrombocytes, they are a component of blood whose function with coagulation factors is to stop bleeding. Platelets have no cell nucleus: they are fragments of cytoplasm that are delivered from the megakaryocytes of the bone marrow, and then enter the circulation
The average platelet count in blood is about 200,00 per ml, the average platelet count in specially prepared platelet concentrates from plasma, PRP, is greater than 1,000,000.
Platelets, which participate in clot formation, contain a large reservation of proteins that participate in the healing and growth process. These proteins accelerate tissue repair and regeneration at the wound site.
When platelets are activated the body rushes in many cell and cell types. This is because platelets are programmed to release growth factors (GF). Their GF (platelet derived growth factors – PDGF), transform growth factor beta TGF, and insulin–like growth factor (ILGF) to help the body by stimulating stem cells to regenerate new tissue.
For you this means new collagen and new elastin fibres that restore and rejuvenate your skin, helping you to look younger and revitalized
Because it is stimulation of a natural process, the results are smooth, natural and long–lasting (more than ten months).
PRP treatment has been used for many years in orthopaedics, plastic surgery (scars, burns), ophthalmology, cardiac surgery, for healing foot ulcers for diabetic people, for acne scar therapy in conjunction with Dermapen microneedling therapy (for details look at
The treatment is safe. As you are being treated with tissue from your own blood there is a minimal risk of any allergic reaction.
How often?
The recommended 3 course is 3 treatments, each about six weeks apart, and then one top-up treatment every 3 months.

Each treatment takes about 45 min. Your face will look red afterwards, usually for only a day a two. You might get some bruises, although the needles used are extremely thin.
Contradiction: pregnancy and lactation, blood diseases.

August-September offer: £550.00