Su Jok

Su Jok
Hand and Foot


Therapy is a brilliant discovery by Korean scientist Prof. Park Jae Woo, who developed a new therapy using only the hands and feet which gives the same result as body acupuncture.
Su Jok translates into Hand and Foot : (Su means a hand, and Jok means a foot).

Hands and Feet have a complete correspondence system representing the whole body like a small mirror of its image. The thumb correlates with the head, the forefinger and little finger with the arms, the third and fourth fingers with the feet, and the palm correspond to the trunk.
The treatment is based on finding the “pressure-pain” points on the hands and feet. The points correspond to the site of pain or other problems of the body. By stimulating these points acute pain will go in a few minutes and sometime seconds. Some diseases could be prevented or cured.
These correspondent points will be stimulated in various ways: small micro-needles, natural seeds, grains, metal and magnetic stars of various shapes, Moxa (heat treatment), metal rollers.
The system is easily understood and a doctor can teach you to use it for self treatment without any equipment or medication.
For example, with heart pain a simple massage of the area corresponding to the heart will alleviate pain in minutes. By finding a “pressure-pain” point on the big toe neck pain will go in a few minutes. By applying the seeds to the areas corresponding to the joints polyarthritis conditions will be improved.
The advantage of this treatment is simplicity, safety and efficiency.